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“Customer experience is not an initiative. It’s a mindset change.”
- Ruth Crowley, VP Customer Experience Design, Lowe’s

7-11 launch cashless store in Melbourne

Now you can leave your wallet at home when you’re going out in the streets of Richmond – your local 7-11 store is officially cashless. That’s right, all you need is your phone when you want a grab a cheeky slurpee.

“Some online pureplay retailers are finding that it’s cheaper to open a brick and mortar store than to acquire new customers online.”
- Shilpa Shah, Cofounder and CXO, Cuyana
“We are in the Uncanny Valley moment of retail: the technology has progressed to where it feels like it’s interfering with the customer experience. But it will evolve beyond that, to where the technology can soon step back, and let the customer experience shine.”
- Brian Gill, SVP Technology, Nordstrom

9 out of 10 American consumers price check a product on Amazon.

“Customers describe the [Amazon Go] experience of shopping: magical.”
- Jeff Bezos

Australian online shopping share of total retail sales

57% of online shoppers make purchases from overseas retailers

How do Australians pay online?